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Apparently the South Sound magazine with the DyDD article is out now. A stranger stopped me at walgreens and said they saw me in the mag. CRAZY! She showed it to me and the kids were like "Mom, only famous people are in magazines" LOL! Check it out, it's supposed to be a great article. Now I have to go buy one....



This was just posted where I first heard about SB 5588 and it’s impact on midwifery:

THANK YOU to everyone who wrote/called and passed it on. This just in from the Seattle ICAN list:

I just received a phone call from my Senator's office regarding this State Bill - let's see if I can recall accurately the good news in my fevered/flu state:

Due to the response from all of us, an amendment to the bill has been proposed to exclude the JUA from the proposed cuts. The deadline for hearing the bill is March 12th; if they hear the bill, then the amendment will be proposed on the floor at that same time. She stated that due to our overwhelming push, and the fact that we brought this to their attention, the amendment is good to pass, that the JUA will be removed from the bill and remain in force. She further stated that if the bill is not heard on the Senate floor by March 12th, then the bill dies there.

Please forward this good news to the the other list-serves you are on and pat yourselves on the back for taking action.

We CAN and DO make a difference!

Way to go!!


ALSO, from MAWS:

Regarding Senate Bill 5588:

Thank you to everyone who contacted their legislators in the past two days to urge them to remove the Joint Underwriting Association (JUA) from SSB 5588. This cost-cutting bill would have suspended the JUA, a vital entity that provides the only liability insurance available in Washington State for licensed midwives and birth centers. Because the JUA does not actually use any state resources, members of the Senate Rules Committee have agreed to remove the JUA from the bill. This is a huge relief—had we lost the JUA, licensed midwives and birth centers would have immediately gone out of business because insurance reimbursement is tied to our liability coverage. MAWS lobbyist, Amber Ulvenes, has been working non-stop, behind the scenes, in conjunction with representatives from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner, to avert this disaster. And your support has been critical as well.

But our work is not yet done. We are still hoping to cap the midwifery licensing fee during this legislative session with a budget proviso—if we are successful in this endeavor, the midwifery licensing fee will remain at $450/year; otherwise, our fee will skyrocket to $2,000 in July 2009.

MAWS is in the process of compiling important data from DSHS that will enable us to make an even stronger case for the cost-benefits of licensed midwifery care than the DOH study made last year. That study estimated that licensed midwives save the state $473,000 biennially in cost-offsets to Medicaid—however, the study only considered the lower c-section rate of licensed midwives. It did not factor into the equation all the hospital facility fees and the costly medical procedures (epidurals, electronic fetal monitoring, inductions, episiotomies, etc.) that are avoided when women give birth at home or in free-standing birth centers. We believe the savings conferred by licensed midwives is actually in the millions annually. We anticipate being able to use this revised data to convince legislators that it makes good economic sense to keep the profession of licensed midwifery alive and well.

WE WILL PUT OUT AN ACTION ALERT AS SOON AS WE HAVE THIS UPDATED INFORMATION AND ASK YOU TO CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS AGAIN TO URGE THEM TO SUPPORT THE BUDGET PROVISO. In the meantime, please refrain from contacting your legislators—we have a limited amount of political capital to expend and since the JUA issue seems to be resolving, it’s important that we now use our voices to get the budget proviso passed. Check the MAWS web site in 1-2 days for an update. And, again, THANK YOU for all your wonderful energy and help!
An issue has arisen in Olympia that threatens to end licensed midwifery in Washington State almost immediately. We need your urgent help to make sure this does not happen.

Midwives and Birth Centers in Washington State can obtain Professional Liability Insurance from only one place: the JUA (Joint Underwriting Assoc, http://washingtonjua.com/). The JUA was set up by state law in 1994, and is funded primarily through midwife premiums. Senate Bill 5588 has a list of State Boards and Commissions that will be shut down as part of cost-cutting efforts, and for hard-to-fathom reasons, they’ve included the JUA in that list despite the fact that the JUA receives no state funding of any kind.

Without the JUA, midwives will not be able to get liability coverage, and therefore their services will not be covered by your health insurance. This will put midwives and birth centers immediately out of business.

We need you to call and email your representatives and senators in Olympia TODAY to tell them that this move will cost far more money than it saves, whilst also eliminating a much needed resource for women and their families. A recent Department of Health study found that midwives save the state $250,000 per year, and (if you include private insurance too) that number climbs to $1.3million per year. So clearly it makes no sense to eliminate midwifery in the pursuit of saving money.

Click here to find who your legislators are:


Please forward this email widely. It is going to take a lot of voices to get this bill altered.

PS, you can also call!

Please call the legislative hotline at 1-800-562 6000 and let your legislators know your opinion.
You may use the following statement:
Every vote counts, so please have your friends and family call as well.



What do you think?

I commented as momintacoma, I couldn't help myself. Some of the commenters make me want to reach through the monitor and punch them. Yes, it may be seen as taking it too far to charge the mom, but how else do you stress the importance of child safety? This mother clearly paid no attention to warnings on the carseat and car and now her child is dead. Sure, that alone may make her re-think things, but what about all the other parents who do the same exact thing everyday? It makes me so mad that some mothers will do everything in their power to protect their kids from stranger danger, botulism, chicken pox and the flu but can't even manage to know the basics of a car seat that could save their child's life. Arg.

end rant.

Writer's Block: DIY

MacGyver, hero of the tv show with the same name, is known for his resourceful use of ordinary household items to get out of an emergency situation. What's the most ingenious solution you've ever come up with in a pinch?
I figure it's time I do one of these. At practice a couple weeks ago there was a leak right over our track so we used paper towels and duct tape to repair the leak long enough for us to practice with no water on the track.


This is possibly the most ridiculous thing I've read today. I am SO going to Krispy Kreme and getting myself and the kids doughnuts on the 20th.



LJ wasn't loading for like 10 mins and I almost cried because I was worried about the article that went around yesterday about LJ shutting down. I need to copy my entries STAT just in case! That was scary!
How cute is this?

I'll do a real update someday soon.

For now I'll just say that my 10 year HS reunion is this summer and that makes me feel old.



Trampires VS Atomic City

Tickets and info here:

http://www. brownpapertickets. com/event/50501

It's my birthday weekend too!!